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Newsletters : Count on Nat D-Zign to create a newsletter that will serve as a marketing tool for your business. When properly written, newsletters can help create loyal customers, sales and contribute to the overall success of any business.

Menus : Do you own a restaurant? Your menu reflects the restaurant itself. It is the most important sales and marketing tool to have to promote your main dishes and drinks to customers. When you strategically place the menu items on the menu, you will sell more, than if you placed them randomly. A well designed menu, promotes the foods you prepare best and want to sell by making them stand out from the others. Increase your sales today!

Ads & Flyers : Ads & Flyers are excellent ways to advertise your business or product to reach potential customers. They can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, inform consumers about new products or services available to them. Count on Nat D-Zign to create an advertising ad that will target your market. Whether you already have a marketing strategy in place or are just starting out, we can help deliver a favourable presentation of your products and services. Increase your sales today!

Forms : Static and dynamic PDF fillable forms are forms that allow users to directly fill on screen. Example of forms: Invoices, timesheets, reports and more. We can build your form with text fields, check boxes, dropdown fields (lists with predefined text), calculations and more. Send us a draft copy of your form in Word, PowerPoint or other, your company logo if you have one (if not, we can design one for you) and color scheme. We will then create your fillable form that users will be able to fill directly online. Contact us if you wish to have more information.

PowerPoint Presentations : When it comes to Professional PowerPoint presentations, count on Nat D-Zign to create great-looking business marketing materials for your business.

Transcription Services in English and French : We can do the transcription from several formats of digital audio and video files. We can also convert other types of files for you. We perform two types of transcription : Verbatim : integral transcription, word for word, hesitations like (ahhh…,hummm…), repetitions, does not correct grammar. Reformulated : hesitations and repetitions are removed, syntax errors are corrected.